Dina Lyons Design Branding | Graphic Identity | User Interface Design



Dina Lyons has over 20 years of experience as a creative director and UI/UX designer in major markets along the East Coast.

She has extensive project management experience, and approaches each project by focusing on both the client's goals as well as their customer's perspective.

Specialties include:
—UX / UI design
—Graphic identity guidelines
—Print collateral
—Annual reports

Client sectors include telecom, health care, financial and educational institutions, retail, and non-profits.

"Dina is a brilliant, insightful and flexible creative director. Our engineers and our customers know they can rely on Dina to supply the insight to understand the problem as well as the judgement needed craft a solution."
—Thomas Howe, CEO of TextGen

"We have had the pleasure of experiencing a true professional with talents that are not available from any book. These skills and insights are brought to any team through Dina's uncanny ability to capture the true concept and deliver that as an end product. Dina also has operational skills that are uncommon in those with the creative skills at her level. We highly recommend Dina and would hire her again."
—Noah Rafalko, CEO and Texting enabler with Long Code